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In light of Covid 19, please expect delay in deliveries. Orders placed from 12th May onwards will be delivered after Eid.

Mini Cart

Women's Clothing

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Items 1-20 of 254

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  1. Ego-Diagonal Pants
    Ego-Diagonal Pants
    As low as PKR1,951.00
  2. Ego-Dice
    As low as PKR3,650.00
  3. Ego-Chequered 3 Piece
    Ego-Chequered 3 Piece
    As low as PKR7,851.00
  4. Ego-Naranji 2.062
    Ego-Naranji 2.062
    As low as PKR3,651.00
  5. Ego-Fins 2 Piece
    Ego-Fins 2 Piece
    As low as PKR5,451.00
  6. Ego-Glorious 2 Piece
    Ego-Glorious 2 Piece
    As low as PKR5,950.00
  7. Ego-Squaremeter 3 Piece
    Ego-Squaremeter 3 Piece
    As low as PKR7,601.00
  8. Ego-Mystic-Pink
    As low as PKR4,250.00
  9. Ego-Mystic-Green
    As low as PKR4,250.00
  10. Ego-Anarkali
    As low as PKR4,650.00
  11. Ego-Marooned
    As low as PKR4,451.00
  12. Ego-Purple Haze 2 Piece
    Ego-Purple Haze 2 Piece
    As low as PKR5,450.00
  13. Ego-Blackout 2 Piece
    Ego-Blackout 2 Piece
    As low as PKR5,250.00
  14. Ego-Chevron Gharara 2pc
    Ego-Chevron Gharara 2pc
    As low as PKR7,950.00
  15. Ego-Jhilmil White 2 Piece
    Ego-Jhilmil White 2 Piece
    As low as PKR5,850.00
  16. Ego-Galaxian
    As low as PKR3,651.00
  17. Ego-Jamun
    As low as PKR3,651.00
  18. Ego-Sunrise
    As low as PKR3,251.00
  19. Ego-Dashes
    As low as PKR3,450.00
  20. Ego-Midnight
    As low as PKR3,251.00
Grid List

Items 1-20 of 254

Set Descending Direction