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1. On the product page, select size, colour and other variants if applicable.



2. Select your desired quantity. Click + to add or – to reduce the quantity you’d like to purchase.


3. Click on ‘Add to cart’.


4. Click on ‘Proceed to checkout’ in the pop-up box which will redirect you to the Checkout page.


5. To checkout as a guest (no sign-in required), enter your email address and shipping information.

6. If you have an account, please enter your login details and click on ‘Sign in’.


7. Select a shipping address (if multiple addresses are saved in your book)



8. Select a shipping method (if applicable)


9. Click ‘Next’



10. Select a payment method

11. Enter a discount code (if applicable) and click on ‘Apply Discount’.


12. Click on ‘Place order’.

You’re done!